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​Become a Foster Care Provider for a HOPE Rescue Dog or Cat

Without a facility to call our own, rescuing dogs and cats that face euthanasia is a daunting undertaking without foster volunteers!!  We either foster our rescues or they are placed in temporary boarding care.  Boarding our rescues is very expensive and sometimes prevents us from being able to rescue more at-risk dogs and cats that might be facing possible euthanasia.


If you are willing to consider fostering a dog or cat for us in your own home, we ask that you contact us.  We will be happy to set up an interview with you and go over our guidelines as to our fostering protocol.  We try our best to place our rescues in homes where we can work together with you while you provide temporarily shelter and care -- including food and litter [if fostering a cat] for one of our precious rescues while they await adoption.



We're looking for a few good volunteers. HOPE WANTS YOU!!  If you agree with our mission statement, and would like to volunteer with HOPE, please contact us!  E-mail us for more information.

Love Your Cat ..... more


Your Cat Can't Outrun a Coyote!

Contrary to what people might think, your cat can't outrun a coyote!  Whereas cats are smart, they do get hit by cars, they do get ravaged by dogs who consider them prey, and they do succumb to accidental poisoning.  Cats only have one life -- they do not have nine! 

Besides those dangers, there is the disease factor.  Even though your cat may be vaccinated for FeLV, there's no guarantee your cat won't contract this disease.  If a cat is bitten by a cat with FeLV, even though your cat has been vaccinated, it could still become infected with the virus. Speak to your veterinarian for more information. There are also fleas, ticks and ringworm which can be transmitted to your cat on the outdoors which can result in transmission of those to the home.  Flea and tick collars are not the answer and can be dangerous.  Choose name brand remedies only, such as Frontline and Advantage and make sure you are using the proper weight dosage and the product is age appropriate for the pet in question.  Reactions are possible and they can be deadly, so monitor your pet carefully should you use any of these products. Your cat is safest being totally indoors at all times.  If you love your cat, you'll keep your cat safe by keeping it indoors.

If you would like a copy of our flyer to help educate others, e-mail us and we'll be happy to send you a .jpeg copy which you can download and print.  Please spread the word!


Our Tenth Anniversary ..... more

Over the past ten years, giving back to the community is what we have always done best.  In order to help to save the lives of dogs and cats that sometimes need to be resuscitated due to smoke inhalation and other emergencies, HOPE donated pet oxygen masks to three local communities -- helping out pets everyday, that's what it's all about.


Presented to the Upland Fire Department

HOPE presented FOUR 3 piece sets to the Upland Fire Department at a City Council meeting in June of 2006.

Presented to the Montclair Fire Department

HOPE presented FOUR 3 piece sets to the Montclair Fire Department at a City Council meeting in September of 2006.

Presented to the Rancho Cucamonga Fire Department

HOPE presented NINE 3 piece sets to the Rancho Cucamonga Fire Department at a City Council meeting in October of 2006.

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