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Please Donate Today

We have been making the difference in the lives of homeless dogs and cats since 2003!  We have saved over one thousand dogs and cats through our rescue efforts and intervention. 

We can only do more with your support.  Providing medical care, vaccines, and sanctuary while our rescues are being prepared for adoption, is expensive.  We host many fund raisers throughout the year to help support these expenses, but we still need your help!  Every penny makes a difference!  We can't continue to do what we do without your help.  Medical care, microchip, food and sanctuary for those dogs and cats we have rescued at the eleventh hour costs us thousands of dollars each month.  As an all-volunteer organization we don't receive government aid or funding.  We are your local rescue saving lives in your community!  We need your support.  If you're sending your dollars out of state, you need to consider the good works we are doing right here in your neighborhood.  Your support is vital to us to continue the life-saving efforts we are providing to the many dogs and cats on death row.  Your donation also helps us to continue our spay/neuter programs to continue to help to reduce the numbers of pets being born to die and fueling the pet over-population crisis.  

​​Please Make a Donation to Helping Out Pets Everyday!  ​

We ARE making a difference!


​CALL 1-800-811-4285




Monthly Donation to Provide Sanctuary


Weekly Donation to Provide Sanctuary



Donate a Spay Surgery

Average Cost


Donate a Neuter Surgery

Average Cost


Donate a Microchip



​Donate a Vaccination

Average Cost



Donate a Blood Screening



Donate for Food/Litter


A donation in any amount would greatly aid

the dogs and cats waiting to be placed.


Over 1,000 homeless and abandoned animals have found a new homes through our organization - can you help us?

Thank You!

iGive encourages you to shop your favorite stores, and a portion of the sale
will be given to HOPE.  
Please select Helping Out Pets Everyday as your charity. 
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