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There are over forty thousand dogs and cats being euthanized in shelters in San Bernardino County, CA every year.  The pet over-population crisis continues to have an unfortunate outcome for those healthy and adoptable dogs and cats sitting on death row.

Helping Out Pets Everyday has been making a difference since 2003.  We're looking for a few good volunteers to help!  Would you like to be part of our team?  Do you have a few hours a week to spend helping a homeless dog or cat?  Do you want to extend some joy and companionship to a needy dog or cat that would benefit from some socialization, play, and love?  Then you are a candidate for becoming a HOPE volunteer.

Our volunteers come from all walks of life.  They're business professionals, teachers, retirees, Mom's and Dad's, and students, too.  Together, they all share a common bond -- their desire to help and their love for animals.  They have chosen to make a difference by giving back through their volunteerism.



​There's so much to do! They need your help! 
Won't you join us?  Won't you help us to help them?  They are awaiting your response. Their very lives
depend on you!

​​Help make a difference and sign up
to volunteer today!

​If you are serious about making a commitment to volunteer with an outstanding organization, please contact us and we will invite you to an orientation to get you ready to begin. Thank you!


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Formed by the desire to save lives, and as advocates for all canine and feline animals,

guided in the spirit of being the caretakers of God’s creatures,

stewards to young people through example and leadership,

entrusted with educating the public on spaying and neutering,

empowered through volunteer dedication,

and committed in our mission to make a difference.

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